Here I Am

I am a soldier of love.
I am passionate about the human heart and human connection. 

Writing is my refuge. I think there is great power in the pen(cil). 

Reading brings me peace. Give me a book and I will love you forever—no, really. I live for street book sales.

Storytelling is my jam. I founded Paper Truth so that I can create meaningful art, tell stories and be in communion with men and women who enjoy doing the same.  

I am a stand for truth. I believe that freedom always follows truth so we should speak it, often. Especially, in moments of discomfort. 

I am committed to giving back and serving others. A quote. A smile. A listening ear. Looking someone in the eye. Sharing space. Being of service can take many different forms.

Words, people, and places—all move me.

I love to travel. I think traveling gives me perspective. Seeing the world for myself improves my vision and grip on reality. 

I believe in being kind to everyone—especially myself.

I prefer the term understanding rather than tolerance. And I believe we can all work harder at understanding one another. 

From Wounded to Woman was created to inspire women to heal themselves through the magic of storytelling and journal writing. It is my first project and I am very proud of it. 

My self-love advice for everyone: Following your dreams is the greatest act of self-love. 

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