Dear Readers,

When I first started writing From Wounded to Woman: The Keepsake, I carefully thought about my intention and the message I wanted to deliver to my audience.  

So I looked up the term intention on Google and this was the result: 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan, 2. [medicine] the healing process of a wound. Both definitions suited the purpose of this book.


Since many of you have asked me questions about my book process, I decided to write about several intentional elements I put together to make this book a special one for you all. Here is my list:

1 - The Title: I chose a title that signified transformation. I am a woman who believes in human beings transforming, growing, and expanding. The title represents just that—a girl transitioning from being stuck in pain to ultimately living as her highest self and rooted in love.

2 - All Woman Project: This book was written, illustrated, and edited all by women. The intention was to show that women have the capability to connect, create, and collaborate on projects as a team. Too often we are told the opposite. This book is a celebration of our unity and our possibilities.  

3 - Illustrated Cover: I chose to make the cover an artistic one which is why I decided to go with an illustrator. I wanted this book to also be a piece of art that you can place on a nightstand next to your bed or sit on a coffee table in the center of your living room. All of the artwork was illustrated by: Deanna First.

4 - A Woman's Face: The cover is an illustration inspired by one of my favorite revolutionary women, Rita Moreno. She is of Puerto Rican decent and so am I. I chose her because she has paved the way for me and so many other women to live in our greatness. I believe in paying respect and homage to ancestors and elders so this was one way of me doing so. The intention behind her face is supposed to signify a woman who is proud and empowered.

5 - Color Use: The woman on my cover is standing in front of a red background because red signifies the following: strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. I wanted all of my readers to feel those energies when they looked at my book. It is designed to demonstrate the fierceness and boldness of women.

6 - Gold Signature: All purchased copies are signed by me with a gold pen. I live by the saying, "Be Gold, Live Golden". That means to always radiate and shine your light. Also, gold signifies the following: success, achievement, triumph, abundance, prosperity, and luxury. Who doesn't need more of those energies in their life?

7 - No Biography: Usually when you pick up a book it has the author's image and biography on the back cover. I wanted my readers to walk around with my book and feel like it belongs to them. After all, it is titledThe Keepsake for a reason. It belongs to those who purchase it—not just to the one who wrote it. My memoir on the other hand will be very different.

8 - Not Downloadable: I've been asked if my book is downloadable. The answer is no. Why? This book contains journal pages in the back of it and I wanted to maintain the integrity of journal writing so that readers have an opportunity to practice journal writing too. The intention here is to exercise our ability to physically write and escape technology for a bit. There is something very cathartic about writing and I want my readers to experience this firsthand.

9 - A Letter to My 9-Year-Old Self: This book contains an intimate letter I wrote to my 9-year-old self. I've been asked why I chose that age. When I look at photos from my childhood, I see a lightness of being on my face—a joy—and I wanted to hold onto that. Today when I am struggling, I look back at her and try to see life through her eyes.